Updates to offer system, selling interface and many other fixes

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Hey everyone!

It's been as busy as ever the past few days. Demo's of the site have been progressing very well and I was able to show the site privately to Ciotti FPV!!!!!

Afterwards, I officially opened up the doors to anyone in pre-launch subscriber list with a very inpromptu livestream Youtube release in which I explained the site's background, purpose and walked through the features and my direction.

Since then, we've kept plugging away and are pushing out a bunch of features today:

  • Ciotti FPV's amazing stickers, 3d prints and screws listed right on the site. You'll freaking love his incredible holographic stickers!!!
  • Imports: GetFPV, RDQ, Pyrodrone, Airblade and RMRC importers should be working. There are still some small bugs if you don't have more than 11+ orders. That's coming soon if you have an issue.
  • Users: Now change your username/handle within settings screen.
  • Bundles: Now displaying your current inventory and you can just search or point and click to include into a build. It also calculates the total estimated price if the items are new.
  • Offers: Gives you customized questions for you if you are the buyer or seller and allows you to come back and finish the rating later on and give someone else a heads up if the deal goes sour.
  • Login/Signup: Now linked so you can easy swap between them.
  • Profile: Have a patreon account? List it in your profile.
  • Feed: Item "tiles" have a better look and got rid of all of those extra decimal places.
  • Inventory: All items allow for private text to be included. Is 50,000 characters enough for a build or config dump for your build?

Small tweaks:

  • Vendors: Vendor locations should now be mostly correct.
  • Chat: Rich chat to include a picture directly within the chat. No need to give out your mobile number or facebook username to discuss an item.
  • Chat: More integrated into offer process to send a quick question prior to sending an offer to another user.
  • Forum: Discord link to be included in the footer
  • Profile: Twitter and instagram link let you just drop in @username or even the url. We'll figure it out.
  • Inventory page: Will link directly to the item in the marketplace and show your item there if it's published.
  • Geolocation: Location will be asked for when signing up. Like always, other users can only see what city you specify, but it will help to figure out how many miles/km away other items are.
  • Help page (in progress) to display FAQ's.
  • Changelog link and links to the forums for feedback.
  • Fields that are private and not visible to others are more clearly indicated with (private).

Miscellaneous bug fixes:

  • Geolocation: Km shouldn't be scaling by meters instead of km
  • Offers: You'll receive an text or email if you receive an offer.
  • Offers: You can no longer accept your own offer to someone else.
  • Inventory: Prompt user for location before letting them start to enter sale details.
  • Add item: Pennies - no longer have the issue typing in "1.10" due to an autocomplete bug.

What's next:

  • Karma details and summary page finally dropping soon
  • Share your gear on facebook. Instead of selecting single items at at time, select a few items or just whatever's published. They'll compose a facebook or social media post with names & prices for you automatically
  • Purchase date from your inventory will show now. Not the date when you added it (bug fix)
  • Public descriptions will become more robust for bundles, detailing each item within the bundle
  • Vendor searching: Select a few of your favorite vendors from the front page - see which combination of vendors has all of the parts that you need for your next purchase.

Oh yeah ...... we even got namedropped on not only Ciotti's livestream, but also Bardwell's news livestream!!!!

Such an amazing week....so pumped to see this baby finally seeing the light of day and getting feedback from the leaders of the hobby! I can't wait to see this site continuing to evolve to meet the needs of everyone within the community!

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