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Lots of updates that we pushed out last week which I snuck in, but I've got a few more that we just couldn't push out before the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Vendor verification! So this is really awesome....ever wonder if someone is actually an FPV hobbyist or just some scammer with a picture of a quad? Well, just look in their profile. If they ever bought something from an FPV-related store and imported their order history, you can check in their profile. If they are just a douche and scam a bunch of people and create another account, we can tell. This confirms verified orders from an actual store - the only way for a scammer to get around that is to dump a bunch of money into more orders.
  • Mac OS Safari crashing. We put a reminder in for right now instead of spending a week working around it. It gives us more time to focus on other things....like wrapping up testing on Karma, Order details and payment processing
  • Import...renamed to sync. I think we have to do more testing on it first so I'll probably rename it back to Import in the next few days.
  • Inventory: Date Created is now the date when you purchased the gear....which was supposed to happen initially, but not a big deal - just selected a different column.
  • Marketplace feed: Added "Seller". So this is cool.....what you can do is when you are considering buying something at RDQ vs Getfpv...you can search for it and only select which vendor(s) have it or don't have it. So then if you're trying to get free shipping, you can quickly compare sites. If only RDQ has all of what you need, get everything from RDQ. If you want to search for a particular user, you can search for them directly and chat or browse their listings. Unfortunately, we pushed it out a little early and not all sellers show up as an option.
  • Marketplace feed: Moved the "Condition" towards the front of the listing.
  • Help page: Well, the link is there...I gotta add the content now =)
  • Offer review: You can keep submitting updates to the other person's review as long as you don't checkoff all items. Add detailed comments to the bottom. These are currently saved, but not showing up quite yet in the Karma summary.
  • Chat: Clickable links! You can add a url with http://getfpv.com and it'll display and process it as a link. We'll probably do processing for links without the "http://" or "https://", but not for this release yet. We know that some users have some bugs with multiple images attached and we don't have videos supported yet....that's on the way.
  • Add item and Add bundle. We check to ensure that you have a location specified first. Now, none of that frustrating issue when you loose all of your drafted item listing that has to be abandoned since you didn't specify an address.

What's in progress now:

  • Facebook Marketplace integration: As part of testing how this site can integrate with existing used marketplaces, I discovered that although we could post to Facebook, we have to do a workaround for Facebook Marketplace groups...that's top priority this week.
  • Australian order history imports! Yep...we're adding in about 5 RC vendors in Australia. If you have someone that you'd like to include, let me know!!! MayhemRC, Phaser, NextFPV, FPVFaster, Rising Sun, AddictedToFPV
  • Micro vendors: NewbeeDrone and BetaFPV, awesome
  • Friendly Hobbies in Las Vegas! Yep...support the little guys. This is just an awesome store that I've bought a ton of stuff from in the past. You can find their gear and import your purchases from them directly.
  • Marketplace feed: Sort by new doesn't always work completely as expected. Fixing.
  • Karma summary: Map that shows where user claims to be. I have to increase the radius on the region, but this displays the city that you specify in your profile, but it's not your exact GPS coordinates or anything. But if you're from Russia and claim to live in NJ, you're probably not going to buy 50 things from RDQ and 25 things from GetFPV....so verified vendor purchases is yet another way to prevent scammers, whatever address is specified.
  • Karma calculation: Now being performed.
  • Checkout: Adding more karma details and questions to the list. Any others that you'd like to include?
  • Chat: Chat doesn't scroll well on desktop if you have too many users who send you a message (more than 10) since it doesn't recognize the pagination. Fixed.
  • Chat: You can send a picture without including a message. And if you type a message, then attach and image, your text isn't deleted.
  • Profile page: Will be refreshing the profile page after making change to settings page (eg, banner and profile images)
  • Offer details: Now you can get more control over the quantity and price. Some changes still have to be done, but it's the basics.
  • Item details page: Sorting the page better for 10+ entries that overlap onto the second page.
  • Marketplace feed: Integrating vendors who have similar, but not identically named items.


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