Christmas Eve eve update!

ZenakisFPV Posts: 3

Lots of new additions, just like always!

  • Now we have a livechat forum! Check out "Chat" from your dropdown menu and you'll enter a spot where you can chat away with other members. It's still being built out, but you can chat about gear, drop media into the stream...whatever. It's only visible and accessible for members. Deleting posts is not possible, so move to a private message if you want to talk about specifics.
  • Newlines / carriage returns! We're finally processing newlines throughout the app. So it should permit newlines in your config dumps in your builds, messages to users, offer fields, reviews and feedback and both the Messages & Chat ui's.
  • Inventory order date! We extracted the date that you ordered the items initially, but it was actually the wrong field that was displayed initially. So you can sort through gear that you bought 4 years ago and finally sell it off!
  • Sorting fixes throughout the app. In your inventory, sort by Published/unpublished, purchase date and by name. Gotta love a bug fix.
  • Offers page enhancements! You can now include your shipping information, payment methods, tracking numbers, paypal information all within the same shared form. Continue your chat separate from all of the details to easily make sure that you have all of the critical information for when you shipping an order out.
  • Location changes - Updating your location changes the location of all of your items in the app. It's part of a pending feature...
  • Vendors vendors vendors....we have about 163 total worldwide in the list. I'm about halfway and got a good system down.
  • Google Analytics. Yep. Add in your Google Analytics tracking code to your profile. You'll get some idea when people are browsing your gear and it'll help to integrate how people are coming to your site. Got an Etsy or Redbubble store? Use the same tag and get a better view of your customers. Maybe the analytics will help you decide if you want to take the plunge into doing a side hustle on your own storefront.
  • Chat bug - no longer having your chat erase when you receive a message while composing. Very welcome bug fix.
  • Profile page - items update immediately after you adjust the settings, add an image or background in, etc.
  • Order sync - Not just appending your order onto the rest of the orders.
  • Greetings! When you signup, you'll get a welcome message from the chatbot. Drop a message there and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
  • Edit an item right from the item details page! Instead of trying to find your item in your inventory, if you see it anywhere within the marketplace, you can just click on Edit to make changes immediately.
  • Item discussion - each item now has the ability to leave comments and questions about. You'll see on each bucket page that there is a message box at the bottom of the page. Drop a message there and others can see and answer any questions that you may have.
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