Christmas Day!

ZenakisFPV Posts: 3

Still working through the holidays for a few last minute things!

  • I added a status page so I can keep a centralized page for order history sync ( It'll let each vendor and the last reported check that I performed to make sure that it was functional. Red means that it's non-functional. Yellow means that it may be performing at less than ideal capacity. Green means that it's fully functional.
  • Chat UI. Finally...a little bit better UI because of all of that OSD keyboard that keeps blocking the input box. I also widened the box by rearranging the buttons and decreased the size of the text input. It's slowly getting there. There is still wasted space that I'd like to clean up.
  • Oh - Christmas Eve give-away! You probably followed it, but if not, you can watch the livestream! Congrats to all of the winners!!!!!!
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